Scarab Necklace

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Zagora Collection scarab necklace, inspired by the Zagora Desert in southern Morocco.  With its signature wave like dunes and brilliantly colored sand, this town famously lies next to the western edge of the Sahara Desert. Pulling from the vibrant colors of the scenery, Léla Sophia’s fourth collection features natural and raw orange, yellow and brown diamonds, as well as rubies.  The unpolished/raw finish of the gold rings and amulets represents the wave like pattern of the desert, and mimics the ebb and flow of the sand dunes.  Lastly, Léla has implemented two famous animals that call Zagora home; the Scarab beetle, which represents protection and resurrection, and the snake which represents renewal.  

Inscribed on the back you will find the Berber symbol for tree; "representing the axis of the world, around which revolves beings, things, and spirits". 

Collection IV necklace available in 14k Yellow Gold.  Contact with any questions.  Photographed on our elongated chain sold separately.  Includes 16" matching 14k yellow gold cable chain. 

Handmade in New York City.

All item are made to order, please allow three weeks for order completion.  Contact with any questions or customization requests.