Lela SophiaLéla Sophia is a line of fine jewelry inspired by ancient Amazigh patterns, traditional filigree, and the natural landscape of Morocco, all elements of the designer's North African heritage. 

Founded and designed by Léla Sophia, the eponymous brand is a proud independent Arab woman owned and operated company.  The amulets, cartouche rings and diamond shaped medallions evoke ancient symbolism and protective motifs; thanks to the custom hand carved nature, no two pieces are the same. Designed to speak uniquely to each wearer, the organic essence of Léla Sophia’s fine jewelry strips away clean modern lines, leaving room for the designs to be interpreted and loved for their imperfect nature.
Hand-made in New York City, all elements of the design and creation process are sustainable, using only recyclable gold and sterling silver, as well as ethically sourced stones. Léla Sophia designs jewelry for the lover and collector of meaningful things.
Léla Sophia began her namesake line from a desire to celebrate the story of her ancestry.  After re-connecting with her Moroccan heritage, she began a journey to learn about her family practices, and cultural elements of her countries history.  In 2013, she spent time traveling through the country, from Tangier to Marrakesh, Essaouira to Casablanca.  Along the way, she was introduced to her siblings, grandparents, and aunts/uncles for the first time, beginning her journey of self-discovery and cultural awakening.   
"I didn't know it was possible to yearn for something I never had, but on my first trip to Morocco as an adult, I knew that I had finally found what I was missing.  I was re-introduced to my family, and spent weeks traveling from city to city, learning all I could about my country.  I was inspired by the tattoos on my grandmother's face, the rolling landscape of the Altas Mountains, and the unmistakably beautiful balance between the people and the land they live on.  Léla Sophia was the answer to my questions, born from my desire to showcase all the incredible designs of Moroccan people.  Each collection is an homage to my family, and my country, subtly breathing life into tradition that was once lost."
-Léla Sophia