Blooming Rose Arm Cuff

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Bouquet Collection Rose Arm Cuff.  Inspired by Léla Sophia's dear Aunt Susan who used to send bouquet's of flowers for any and all occasions.  The name Susan means Lily, and from that sweet little meaning, the Bouquet Collection was born to honor all of our nearest and dearest.  From Calla Lilies to Trumpet Flowers, this is a bouquet that you'll never have to water, and can wear forever.

Collection VI cuff available in 18k Gold Plated Yellow Brass. Made to fit most wrist/arm sizes and can be worn below/above the elbow depending on fit.  Simply slide cuff onto wrist and up the arm until it is snug. Please contact with any custom inquiries or questions on sizing.  

Handmade in New York City.

All item are made to order, please allow three weeks for order completion.  Contact with any questions or customization requests.